Fibreglass Models

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of large-scale fibreglass props and models, we produce high-end mouldings across many industry sectors. Lightweight and robust, fibreglass is an extremely versatile material, giving us the ability to produce complex, detailed models relatively quickly and cost-effectively. Here are just a few examples of what our fibreglass model makers are able to deliver:
  • An oversized licensed character for a movie launch
  • 5 full-size, hyper-realistic cars to hang off the side of a building
  • A giant chocolate wall for an exhibition
  • Realistic rock environments for a water park
We can design and produce almost anything to almost any scale. After cleaning and finishing a moulding, we can then further enhance the finished product in a number of ways, including a wide range of paint finishes, vinyl graphics, airbrushed effects, and the installation of interactive elements, lighting and sound.

Fibreglass is particularly useful for producing multiple copies of the same shape. For instance, we were commissioned to produce 100 two-metre high bears for an event in a short space of time. Another recent project for Peugeot called for 5 full-size perfect replica cars, which needed to be lightweight but also strong enough to be positioned on top of buildings; to achieve this, we took silicon moulds from the original vehicle, then cast out the panels et cetera in fibreglass before reassembling over a steel frame and finally applying a spray finish. We are at home producing everything from a one-off bespoke model to production quantities of any volume.

All of our fibreglass models are produced using fire rated resins and substrates. Our extensive knowledge of health and safety requirements for both the UK and abroad enables us to help you avoid any problems no matter where your project is installed. We also offer a shipping crate service, built specifically around your project to give you the best possible protection during shipping or air freight; we are yet to have a model damaged in transit when shipped in one of our shipping crates.

Contact us now to find out more about our fibreglass model making services, or scroll down to view some examples of what we can do.

Our services include:

  • Design assistance
  • Product Development
  • Mould Design
  • Pattern making
  • Fibreglass models, mouldings, fabrications and structures to any scale
  • Design and fabrication of internal metal work
  • Spray painting and specialist finishes
  • Stone effects
  • Installation of interactive components and lighting
  • Metal effects including bronze and pewter
  • Weathered effects
  • Installation
  • Large Build Area

We produce fibreglass mouldings for:

  • Accurate licensed character recreation to any scale
  • Exhibition components
  • Museum environments
  • TV & Film sets
  • POS displays
  • Window Displays
  • Architectural Components
  • Bespoke Seating