Due to the volume of upcoming projects we are now looking for talented motivated model makers to integrate into our team here at JSM. Please email us with some examples of your work and relevant experience. Applicants should have experience with workshop machinery, fibre glassing, resin casting and spray finishing and we are looking for graduates through to experienced model makers who are looking for both short term and long term positions.

Fabricated in abs, with laser cut acrylic elements and an aged distressed paint finish, this jetpack was commissioned to be worn in a photoshoot. Particular attention was taken to the dials and bubble effect running through the clear tubes. 

We are currently producing a number of GRP themed pods for use by the public in retail environments. The pods have been produced as single piece castings, then spray finished and finally a durable clear coat applied to help reduce surface damage and prolong the life of the product. There will be a total of 6 different designs each requiring a specific paint scheme.

We recently produced an oversized Koppaberg bottle for a advertising campaign and was produced in fire rated fibreglass to a high accuracy. The fibreglass casting needed to be produced to a tight tolerance as a polished steel section was then attached to the fibreglass body which needed to retain its precise curvature in order to reflect a graphic image correctly to the viewing public.