JSM have been working on a long term project with our client on a range of stylised character dinosaurs for various locations. To achieve the complex and specific scale pattern across the skin of the characters we developed a number of new techniques, the master models were then moulded in silicon and cast out using fibreglass, with a final spray finish to bring them to life.
JSM have been working to recreate a roman helmet unearthed in  West Sussex UK and on display alongside other exhibits from the excavation.
We have moved into a purpose designed building where we can accommodate even larger projects. 
We recently produced a range of robot models based on the designs of students at Oxford Cheney School, these included small 400mmtall robots and scaled up 1800mm tall fibreglass versions.

A range of 1:1 robust replica guns from the Game Borderlands 3. Created by us for a major launch event in London.